“You’d think with all my video game experience I’d be feeling more prepared.”

Rex, Toy Story 2

Hail Adventurer!

My name is Ches. I am an engineer by day at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, By night, I try to help gamers reach their potential with Live Like You Game!

Once upon a time, I found that I was completely lost when it came to some life basics. My life and my gaming were completely out of balance.

When I was playing a game, everything seemed great. When I wasn’t, everything seemed terrible.

It turns out that video games tap into deep psychological phenomenon, boosting your mental energy. Video games were reaching the ambitious, creative, determined part of me that wasn’t showing in the real world.

I realized that other gamers out there might need the same epiphany that I did, so I started Live Like You Game.

Here, you will find all the crazy ways that video games can bring out the best in you – and how you can learn from that to improve your own life.


Start with this free PDF guide I put together:

8 Cheat Codes for Unlimited Motivation

Lack of motivation plagues many people trying to create, trying to grow, and trying to hang in there. This guide demonstrates the brilliant motivational techniques video games use to keep us grinding, farming, and leveling up. It shows you how to apply those methods to your own life and find that motivation you’ve been searching for.


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I love to hear from people! Give me a shout to let me know what you think about video games, or about life as a gamer. Throw me questions and concerns you have about the hobby.

To contact me directly, email me at: ches@livelikeyougame.com

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