Dumbbells & Dragons Episode 30: Live Like You Game

I was honored to be interviewed by Kenny Rotter from Dumbbells & Dragons on his podcast. Kenny was a great host to work with me through some technical difficulties and my own inexperience.

Definitely check out his website and the rest of his podcast. I am continually impressed and inspired by the guests he grabs and the conversations he starts.

(Be aware that even though this episode is clean, other episodes may have adult language and topics.)

For anyone who is here for the first time thanks to Dumbbells & Dragons, may I recommend some of my work that you may be interested in:

The article I mentioned in the podcast in regards to fitness: Daily Grind.

About Pokémon Go.

And a guest post from Dan at Be a Game Character: Fitness: A Gamer Tutorial.



Live Like You Game

Adventurer, what do you think?