LLYG Loves

Here is a collection of LLYG’s favorite places to find great ideas about video games and life.


Adventurers who have partnered with me in making LLYG bigger and better

Be A Game Character: A fitness site that gives practical advice inspired by characters from video games and comics.

Side Quest Fitness: Robbie Farlow passionately guides geeks and gamers to better fitness and life.

Dumbbells & Dragons: An awesome site and podcast about breaking down barriers between nerd and fitness cultures.




Adventurers whose research and insight made LLYG possible

Jane McGonigal : one of the public figures in the Serious Games movement, striving to develop games that encourage people to live well and solve real problems. Her work was extremely influential on LLYG. In a way LLYG is an extension of a question that she poses in her book Reality is Broken “What if we were to live our life like gamers?”

WoW Factor: An insider’s look at the real skills developed in the virtual World of Warcraft: a book that flips everything that you think about MMO’s on its head. it lays out how the systems in the game instill real business and leadership skills in its players.

Classically Trained: Jon Harrison’s awesome project to show the powerful lessons from video games through blog, book, and podcast.


Game Design resources

Pillars of my knowledge about the practical and philosophical secrets to creating games

Extra Credits: a Youtube channel for aspiring game designers

The Art of Game Design: one of the key guidebooks to smart game design

Level Up!: The Guide to Great Game Design: a great practical and entertaining take on how to make video games


Life Advice Resources

The Unstoppables: Tapping your Entrepreneurial Power: an interesting take on the qualities of people who take on the unknown to make something great

The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?: a book that helped me identify my pessimism as a limiting factor in my life


Psychology resources

How I cover up my ignorance of psychology

The Psychology of Games: a psychologist reveals what psychology can tell us about gaming and gamers through his blog, book, and podcast

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience: one of the great works of positive psychology. The examination of Flow is one of the most fascinating ways that video games reveal themselves to be much more than just a pastime.