Why this site may feel like a ghost town

Hello adventurers!

Not too long ago, I posted here promising either a post or a major update every other Monday. Yesterday was one of those Mondays – so I was quick to fail on that promise.

However – I have a great excuse: Hurricane Matthew.

I accept your forgiveness.

Your update – slightly late – is this: LLYG is going to through some BIG changes. I did make the promise to have consistent content – but I have come upon a realization and some advice that requires me to shake up LLYG in a big way.


Realization: People love LLYG – but they don’t know it exists.

I have gotten a lot of feedback from people who have found LLYG a breath of fresh air. They appreciate the positivity and insights into their favorite pastime.

But here’s the thing: almost no one is checking out this site.  Few people find this place to actually read those insights. I have been reaching out to anyone that will listen – but I just don’t have the traction for people to find it. I can’t help people with my writing if it is never read.


Advice: Get a serious game plan

I truly believe in LLYG and what a little positive message can do to help people. So I have determined that I am going to figure out how to get that message to more people. I have been reading far and wide on advice and strategies to do just that for over a year – but I think I have found the system that will work for me. I am following the game plan laid out by blogger Jon Morrow.

If you are like me a few weeks ago, you have no idea who Jon Morrow is and thus, have no reason to understand why he would have the best strategy for me. Well, he has a lot of guides for bloggers for engaging writing, exciting headlines, and effective networking. And I have read a lot of similar guides before – but I found myself reading EVERYTHING he wrote across multiple sites. I realized that if I found his work that helpful and engaging, then he had what I was looking for: the secrets to make my work similarly helpful and engaging.

So I have decided that I am going to seriously follow the outline that he gives for how to build a successful blog from scratch.


What does that mean?

The whole plan is pretty in depth, but the first step is to back off of writing. This is for the reason that I laid out – if I don’t have readers, then I am not helping anyone by writing. Not yet.

At this stage, I need to turn my attention to networking and adding new features to the site in order to build a readership. If that sounds boring – it’s because it kind of is. But it is the hard work that needs to be done to reach people.


So you aren’t writing? Isn’t that giving up?

This isn’t giving up – it is the opposite. I have a lot of faith in LLYG. That’s why I am taking a radical move to change my whole game plan to make it bigger in the long run.

So in the short term, LLYG.com won’t have much, if any new content. The usual writing time is being put to other uses.

I will probably continue to write some answers on Quora. I do get a significant number of readers through Quora and it will keep my writing sharp. So anyone who can’t get enough LLYG should definitely be following me there or checking the tracker on the sidebar of my Quora activity.


What will this shakeup look like?

That’s a great question. In the near future, LLYG will be reaching out in new ways. I have a podcast idea that I really like that will probably be the first big addition (details will come as they solidify). I will also be focusing on guest posting on other sites as part of a major push to find readers. I will be setting up a LLYG mini course that will be delivered through email. I will also have downloadable goodies that will be a little more polished visually.

All in all, I expect that it may be as much as a year before I return to regular blog posts.

“WHAAAA?!” you may be asking yourself.

Well, yes it may be a year – but when I return, I expect to be writing for an audience of hundreds or thousands. LLYG will be helping out a lot more people.

I got into this to help people. That will always be my top priority. I spent my own money to create a place without being bombarded by ads or exploitative sales pitches. I want LLYG to be all about the people curious about a better way to live. Here I’m going to level with you. As LLYG grows, there will be opportunities for my site and work to be monetized. I think that the work I have put in and the help I provide merits some compensation. But let me be clear that I will always be committed to being honest and fair with everyone I reach through LLYG. Right now, everything I have is completely free. In the future, that may not be the case. I don’t want anyone here to feel cheated if they helped me make a buck.

I am putting in the time and reaching out of my comfort zone to make that happen – but it is up to you, dear adventurer to make that happen. You have the power to connect LLYG to more people. You have the capability to get this message of change and optimism to the gamers you know and to the influencers you know. It will be the people who believe in LLYG and believe in me that will take us to new heights.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this change. Even though you may not see me writing as much, I am still completely open for contact.



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4 thoughts on “Why this site may feel like a ghost town

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog after first hearing about it via reddit. Thanks for the effort you put into writing these blogs. It has certainly gives me a new perspective on gaming that isn’t all negativity based.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! My goal is to be realistic, but positive.
      If you want to know when my next project comes up, getting on the email list is a great way to do that!

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